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Although the finer details are still in their early stages, we would like to help educate young singer songwriters to fulfill

their true potential. If we can help each budding artist out there to create and write fantastic material then we can start to create an academy of musical talent. A learning Academy that not only will keep feeding the world beating UK music scene but will help get young people interested, inspired and motivated to realise their musical ideas, their true talent, their direction and dreams.

The courses we run will include all sorts of tips and tricks advice and education in songwriting. From the basic tune and melody to the use of a DAW like Garageband or Logic Pro x to help turn some scribbled lyrics into a hopefully a smash hit.

We are also talking to several chart acts to offer advice and direction from their own personal experience of this mad industry we call Music

Keep checking back for more details

DooBeDoo Music Ltd

Call -  07834 839533

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Songwriting Courses will be coming soon